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The threat of website and data sabotage / hacking is very real. Prevention is the best solution. Removing adware, spamware and viruses after a hack can cost more than just money: your reputation with customers, potentially credit cart information and legal action. Your privacy is your responsibility.

Security threats are very real, even to small business websites

In the past, the risk of a hack was minimal and the threat was simply a defacement, which could be restored by a backup. Now, hackers are using sophisticated bot-networks to crawl the internet looking for vulnerable websites. The risk of a hack is now far more than a simple deface; hackers will keep your site's frontend looking fine and exploit your email servers, payment gateways, and more... Don't think you are safe just because you are a small business owner - we have delt with far too many small business websites that have been comprimised.

An affordable security audit of your Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla or similar website is a highly suggested preventative security measure and generally far cheaper than dealing with a website post-hack.

If interested, have a look through the Google hacking database to see how Google can be used to find vulnerable Wordpress and similar websites.

Hackers use similar search queries to find vulnerable websites, writing code that spreads from website to website like a virus; cascading dramatically into hundreds of thousands of sites - and copying adware, malware or spamware onto your website.

What will this report include?

This report will comprehensively outline all vulnerabilities, areas of weakness and suggest improvements for each vulnerability. Please understand that we are not attempting to sell development time for fixing each vulnerability, however of course we can help you solve them. It is simply a list of security suggestions for you to forward to your developer, fix yourself, or employ us to solve.

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