Why are Australian business information required for .au domains?

Registry policy dictates that .au domains require business information when registered, or transfered.

This entity will become the legal owner of your domain name, and hence should be yours only if you own it, or your clients business details if you are registering your domain for a client.

You may use any of the following business verification types:

  • ABN
  • ACN
  • Business Registration Number

You also may use one of the following eligibility types:

  • Charity
  • Citizen/Resident
  • Club
  • Commercial Statutory Body
  • Company
  • Incorporated Association
  • Industry Body
  • Non-profit Organisation
  • Other
  • Partnership
  • Pending TM Owner ">Pending TM Owner
  • Political Party
  • Registered Business
  • Religious/Church Group
  • Sole Trader
  • Trade Union
  • Trademark Owner
  • Child Care Centre
  • Government School
  • Higher Education Institution
  • National Body
  • Non-Government School
  • Pre-school
  • Research Organisation
  • Training Organisation