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Buy a .co domain name by first checking availability below

Buy a .co domain name for your company, online business or other purpose today. Using the following .co availability search, you can check whois to see if the domain you want is registered or not. If it is unregistered, you may register it at CloudShop.

Pricing for .co domains

Years Registration Transfer Renewal
1 AUD $62.00 AUD $62.00 AUD $62.00
2 AUD $124.00 AUD $62.00 AUD $62.00
3 AUD $186.00 AUD $62.00 AUD $62.00
4 AUD $248.00 AUD $62.00 AUD $62.00
5 AUD $310.00 AUD $62.00 AUD $62.00


How do I register the domain name I want?

Just scroll to the top of the page (or click here ), fill in the search box and click search. If your domain is available, a popup will appear with a link to the purchase form. If this domain isn't available, you can search for more. Also - consider another domain extension if the domain you want isn't available.

I already own a domain name. Can I bring it?

Transferring your domain to CloudShop is simple. All you need is an EPP code (also known as a domain password). To start the transfer process, just visit this page. Transfers are free - don't pay for something you already own. You will only be charged if your domain is about to expire - if so, this will renew your domain for the next period.

Which payment options do you have?

You can buy a domain with credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin. We accept all major currencies. You can select a payment option at checkout. You can change the currency by clicking the currency code next to any price. We also accept registrations periods from 1 to 10 years - for most domains. Note .au domains can only be registered for two year periods.

How many DNS records can I add?

Add as many DNS records as you like - unlimited times. DNS records cost us nothing to host, so we don't charge for them - why would we? You can add these records - changing them whenever you like. Have a DNS issue? Just contact support and we will sort it out for you.

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