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Pricing for .graphics domains

Years Registration Transfer Renewal
1 AUD $44.00 AUD $44.00 AUD $44.00
2 AUD $88.00 AUD $44.00 AUD $44.00
3 AUD $132.00 AUD $44.00 AUD $44.00
4 AUD $176.00 AUD $44.00 AUD $44.00
5 AUD $220.00 AUD $44.00 AUD $44.00
6 AUD $264.00 AUD $44.00 AUD $44.00
7 AUD $308.00 AUD $44.00 AUD $44.00
8 AUD $352.00 AUD $44.00 AUD $44.00
9 AUD $396.00 AUD $44.00 AUD $44.00
10 AUD $440.00 AUD $44.00 AUD $44.00


How do I register the domain name I want?

Just scroll to the top of the page (or click here ), fill in the search box and click search. If your domain is available, a popup will appear with a link to the purchase form. If this domain isn't available, you can search for more. Also - consider another domain extension if the domain you want isn't available.

I already own a domain name. Can I bring it?

Transferring your domain to CloudShop is simple. All you need is an EPP code (also known as a domain password). To start the transfer process, just visit this page. Transfers are free - don't pay for something you already own. You will only be charged if your domain is about to expire - if so, this will renew your domain for the next period.

Which payment options do you have?

You can buy a domain with credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin. We accept all major currencies. You can select a payment option at checkout. You can change the currency by clicking the currency code next to any price. We also accept registrations periods from 1 to 10 years - for most domains. Note .au domains can only be registered for two year periods.

How many DNS records can I add?

Add as many DNS records as you like - unlimited times. DNS records cost us nothing to host, so we don't charge for them - why would we? You can add these records - changing them whenever you like. Have a DNS issue? Just contact support and we will sort it out for you.

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