Feb 11th Email DNS improvements: dkim and spf added automatically

cPanel DNS records have been improved: now all accounts will have dkim and spf records added automatically. What does this mean? These records basically help prove the validity of your email server, and help provide you with a higher level of email trust.Previously, these records were not enabled by default.This improvenment, rolled our accross ... Read More »

Oct 5th How to automatically remove unwanted CSS styles to optimise pagespeed and user experience

Recently while working on a website with a huge css file (600kb) we set out to remove all unwanted and unused styles. As this file contained over 25,000 lines - an automated tool was required. Google pagespeed and Chrome dev tools reported that over 97% of this file contained unused styles. There are a number of ways to do this. Using Chromes ... Read More »

Aug 28th All cPanel domains now running free lifetime SSL certificates - with free installations, updates and more. Thanks to letsencrypt.org.

Thanks to letsencrypt.org, we are now running lifetime free SSL certificates across all our cPanel customer domains. This means your website will be more secure - encrypting your user name and password while logging in, encrypting your customers information - and any user logins, as well as encouraging users to trust your domain more. Many ... Read More »

Jul 13th [Security-news] Drupal - Highly Critical

A number of vulnerable Drupal modules are expected to be patched by the end of today. The complete list has not yet been released, as no patches are currently available. Customers are encouraged to update Drupal sites as soon as possible. If you require a managed update - open a support ticket and we will update your site for a small fixed fee, ... Read More »

May 11th Free SSL Certificates

Now offering completely Free SSL certificates!

With any web hosting package, simply addon through your client area or contact support.

Read more here.

May 7th Imagemagick is vulnerable. Runs on thousands of websites.

The hugely popular ImageMagick tool used by thousands of websites and servers around the world, has a known zero day vulnerability. ImageMagick is an open source image library for modifying (resizing, cropping, scaling, watermarking ...) images via command line and many programming languages. It's supported by languages such as C++, Perl, Python, ... Read More »

May 4th New Website hosting plans: keeping it simple

We have rolled out new unlimited website hosting plans, check them out here!The idea behind this change is to keep things simple and affordable, whilst still offering our customers security and high performance. All packages come with one click install scripts, daily backups (with free restores) unlimited bandwidth and huge storage.Read more here! Read More »

Apr 28th Reseller Hosting: now with unlimited domains

We have recently rolled out unlimited domains (yes, unlimited accounts, unlimited websites) with each reseller hosting plan. Reseller hosting with CloudShop will ensure your data is safe and your customers accounts are well supported. We run daily backups across every package. Free billing software, including installation and support, is ... Read More »

Mar 26th California cPanel server hostname update

Our main California cPanel server has just had its hostname changed from:




You may continue to use the previous url, however it may show browser security warnings. For complete service SSL, including mail, please use the new hostname in your configuration.

Mar 12th SSH access for cPanel servers: use git, node.js, and more

Now offering ssh access for developers who would like to use git, node.js and other tools.

Please contact support for more info.

Yay for developers

We approve each request manually. 

Use SSH with Cloudshop