Updating Crazydomains nameserver

How can you update your domain registered with Crazydomains, to your website hosted with Cloudshop? 

1. Sign into your Crazy Domains 'Account Manager' account.

How to update crazy domains nameserver to Cloudshop: login

2. Click on the Domains icon:

How to update crazy domains nameserver to Cloudshop: domains

3. Scroll down to the modify nameservers configuration, and change the nameservers to ns1.cloudshop.io / ns2.cloudshop.io 

How to update crazy domains nameserver to Cloudshop: nameserver update

You must delete the old nameservers and add the new ones. Please make sure the IP address fields are filled in properly (see above image).

Updating nameservers will point your domain to your new hosting account with Cloudshop. Please understand that it can take 2 - 48 hours for these changes to propogate across the internet, so please don't be alarmed if your site is not immediately online.

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