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Has a bot hacked your Wordpress or similar website? We can help.

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Web Security: Bad code removal

If your small business website has been defaced, breached or hacked in some way - we can help analyse, remove the bad code, and secure your website.
Don't worry - this does happen more often than you think to open source web software such as Wordpress and Drupal. Usually this is a direct result of not updating your website.
Normally, a virus will spread from website to website looking for an insecurity, exploiting it and planting code which may inject advertising, malware, spamware or other exploits.
If you find yourself in this situation, you have almost certainly not been targetted - just the unlucky victim of a virus as it spreads around the internet.
Often this stems from missing important security updates. This can also stem from missing best practices such as default permissions, bad third party plugins or themes and more.